Tips for Online Students

Tips I give my students

  • ALWAYS compose your discussion posts in a word processor of some sort. This is helpful for 3 reasons: 1. If it doesn't post the first time, or your computer dies, or the internet goes out, you will still have it. 2. Spell check is easier in a familiar tool! 3. If your teacher closes the forums after the discussion is complete, you will have a record of what was said to refer back to. 
  • Read the directions closely and carefully. If there is anything that is unclear, ASK. And, ask publicly, because you are probably not the only one having the problem. 
  • If you are overwhlemed, step away from the computer and clear your head. Sometimes, when trying to do to many things at once, you can get confused and overwhlemed and not even know where to start. Step away, read a chapter in a good fiction book, watch an episode of your favorite show, watch some mindless Youtube video, do something completely unrelated to the course. Then, come back and pick 1 thing to work on (1 discussion thread, one chapter, one article), and see that through to the end. Sometimes, if we look at all of the different assignments at once, it becomes too much. 
  • Don't forget, you are never alone!

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